Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Day of Reckoning

Ahhh... the much-awaited PCI is finally over.  It was a gruelling 3 hours - 1 hour for the walkthrough presentation and 2 hours for the actual inspection and noting of defects, re-work and un-done stuff.  I had my army of inspectors - dad, mum, niece and myself.  Hubby couldn't make it on the day itself but he had his own PCI version with the SS the previous day.  The SS was jotting down every item that we wanted addressed before the final inspection and hand-over  which is scheduled on Tuesday 28th June.

Major issues are as follows:
1.  Replace one of the front entry door panels and re-paint both doors.
2.  Re-paint part of the ceiling on the cinema room and garage where there has been a leak stain from the roof (leak has been fixed already but the re-painting was unsatisfactory)
3.  Stain and paint the 2 posts in the balcony.
4.  Clean and re-touch some parts of the rendering on the front porch, and balcony
5.  Replace defective window glass for one of the bedrooms
6. Silicone sealing around the externals of the house
7. Grouting of wet areas

Minor Issues:
1.  Replace dented door knob in the garage
2.  Fix loose brick in the garage
3.  Paint lintels in the garage and some windows
4.  Missing wine rack and pantry door handles
5.  Door stop for the powder room and cinema room
6.  A few bricks on the side and rear of the house need cleaning
7.  Paint touch-ups in some areas
8.  A storm pipe to be uncovered which they accidentally buried when they spread tapsoil around the house
9.  Replace light bulbs that aren't working
10. Fix loose toilet flusher in the powder room
11. Re-align wardrobe doors on bedroom 3 and 4

It was an exhausting exercise that I have totally forgotten to take photos of the house, LOL!

Monday, June 06, 2011

Nearly There

We're now counting the days to PCI.  The final rendering is completed.  Door handles, privacy locks and stoppers were fitted.  Glass splashback and carpets have been installed.  A layer of tapsoil was spread and levelled around the house perimetre.

Carlisle is so organised that we already received our settlement documents  a week ago.  Our CLE advised us that we should forward the final invoice to our bank immediately so they can prepare  for their own inspection and of course the final payment in bank cheque form.   The handover date is yet to be arranged after the PCI.

Oh and yes, we've met on-site one of Mentone Pre-mix's recommended concreters B to do a quote on our driveway and footpaths.  We saw the exposed aggregate samples a week before and we are keen to have "sunrise" for our stone mix.

Mentone Pre-Mix "Sunrise" sample

Powder Room

Lovely render colours

Our sparkling kitchen sink

Nile-clay glass splashback

Glimpse of our balcony

Stairwell with carpet and lights


Looking good!!!

Our Jasper garage door

Bathroom shower

Ensuite with downlights

Master bedroom niche with glass mirror

Security Alarm panel