Friday, September 30, 2011

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Melbourne was hit by wild storms on Wednesday!  Took me three hours to get home from work due to the Cranbourne train being cancelled.  Frustrated and was having all these crazy thoughts that maybe it was a bad idea to buy a house 45 kms away from work which takes me on normal days an hour and half max to travel by train.  And all these news about the GFC and house prices sliding down etc. etc. make me sick in the tummy!

Enough of my sad story!  On to the building journey, yes, it ain't all finished yet, as we still have the 3 month "100-point" warranty inspection that took place today.  Our Inspector was a nice chap who has a good eye on spotting issues that I missed noting down like doors not properly shutting and balcony skirting tiles needing more silicone.  Main  issues we brought up were: draft entering the front door due to missing rubber linings or weather seals; leak stains on the ceiling from roof above our dining area; and leaking window on our ensuite during heavy rains (somehow all these heavy rains that passed did us good by testing the weather tightness of our house, lol!). The house was also checked for floor squeaks and found the area between the master's bedroom and stair landing having a bit of problem which we agreed to monitor and raise issue at 12 month stage.  We also asked for CH to send someone to check our insulation in the roof.  All these and some minor items to be attended were noted on the warranty/structural inspection certificate issued to us after the hour-long inspection. We were given a time-frame of about a month for all these issues to be resolved which we know CH will deliver as they always have in the past. We were also given a "Carlisle Home Owners Checklist"  and Client Warranty Contact Numbers to make sure we get all the information we need to keep our house in perfect shape.

A couple of days ago, our garage door was making funny noises and we rang Gliderol the supplier to fix it for us which they did (well done!).  We haven't had the chance to try our security alarm yet which is quite slack of us but we'll get into that within the next few days.  Hubby had been busy with his DIY landscaping through the winter season,  shedding a few kgs along the process which did him good!  Almost done now, just need to shop for a few more outdoor furniture's and decor for finishing touches.  Inside the house, we have finished replacing our batten lights with down-lights, pendant lights and chandelier. Very pleased with the results indeed!  Next up will be furnishing our bare looking study room and entry hall area , etc. etc.  Here's a few snaps we took today....

DIY retaining wall and instant turf grass
Retaining wall blocks from Austral Bricks

English boxes for the driveway

Our bare looking study room

Lounge with LED down-lights and pendant light

Pendant Light up close
View from the family room

DIY plant box outside family room

Family room with new down-lights

Glass pendant lights for the breakfast bar

Dining area chandelier from Beacon Lighting

Cinema has now roller blinds bought on-line

Hubby's DIY landscaping and paving
Pavers from Lyndpark Home & Garden Centre

The all-important clothes line

Stone bench from Casey Auctions

DIY alfresco tiling

Pebbles from Diaco's & pots from Bunnings

Plants from Chris & Marie's
Still waiting for the lawn seeds to grow

Flipflop flowers in the bathroom

Eco-blinds from Freedom