Sunday, March 20, 2011

Brick it to me gently

Ground floor is now fully wrapped.  Doors at the front and rear of garage and insulation batts have been installed.  We are now locked out! Our Site Supervisor paid us a courtesy call early Wednesday morning to update us of the build's progress and allowed us to ask questions. And the much awaited bricklaying started off on Thursday.   On Saturday morning, we went to jog around the area and stumbled on the owners of the other Carlisle double storey house being built in our street, they are a very young couple who, like us, are excited to see the completion of our houses.


Current state of the house on Saturday


Wall batts in the entry hallway

Batts in the study area

Batts in the ceiling

Batts in the cinema room

Batts in the kitchen

Entry doors with temporary paint colour

Finally - the bricking kicked off!

Doors at the garage

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tap, Wrap, Clap!

Hope everyone had a good long weekend! Our evaporative cooling unit was installed on Monday last week.  Plumbing rough-ins and electrical wirings were completed during the last week too. House is all wrapped up on the upper floor only. Materials for the next stages of the building have also been delivered.  Won't be very long and we will soon be locked out, no more free sneak-ins to the house. On the long weekend we were busy looking to buy furnitures for our house - a nice leather piece for the formal lounge, fabric cozy set up for the family room, and an eight-seater glass dining suite. Have also checked the lighting shops for some down-lights and pendant lights.


Evaporative Cooling Unit

Long and winding wires!

Storm water drainway

Balcony drain pipes


Wrapped view from the inside

Front Doors

Ceiling wall sheets

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Roof Tiling

Our frames invoice was e-mailed by our CLE on Monday morning and I happily obliged to arrange progress payment with our bank that afternoon (ouchhh, that's another $$$ addition to our mortgage now!). Tilers have started with the roof on Tuesday and finally completed on Wednesday.  On Friday, plumbing wires and what looks like as evaporative cooling ducts were installed.  We checked the other houses being built in our street and found out that there's another double storey that Carlisle has started constructing, excellent choice of builder dear neighbour!